Gandhi Memorial at Falcon’s Lea Park

The design of the Gandhi Memorial located at Falcon’s Lea Park is intended to capture the essence of this great leader and his teachings. The prominent space allotted to the memorial in the park ensures that it will be a focal point for visitors. The statue is also visible to people passing by along Stirling Road – a main thoroughfare.

The square patterns with alternating colored step stones leading up to the Statue represent the steps Gandhi took in his lifetime struggle to achieve freedom for his people. These steps are bordered by lighted stone pillars which represent a “pathway of light” leading up to the statue itself. Gandhi was a person who led people to light from the darkness of oppression.

The two walls on the sides show his inner strength, in an ascending form, indicating that the inner strength was growing while not many believed. The statue itself is surrounded by a design of concentric circles which refer to a common center or origin of humanity. The concentric circles with the curved wall behind it show the letter ‘G’ (Gandhi) from above in an abstract form. The beacon of humanity is spreading like the waves formed when a pebble hits the water. Stately Palm Trees provide a shelter and a backdrop to the Memorial. Palm Trees have a lot of symbolism since ancient times and they represent life, eternity, wisdom and victory. Taken together these elements of the design provide an onlooker a serene spot to reflect on Gandhi’s message for humanity and it adds beauty to the park.

The American Civic leadership of south Florida has been quick to acknowledge the importance of the project and has promised its unconditional support for this noble cause.

The Gandhi statue, would be displayed at the Gandhi Square in half acre of land at the Falcon’s Lea Park, Davie, Florida. The entire Indian community stands united to support the leadership to see their dream come true.

Matt Glenn President, Big Statues, Provo, Utah, along with the Sculptor’s Guild, have decided to honor the greatest personality of the 20th century by undertaking to sculpt the 7-foot bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi of South Florida in the town of Davie. Their contribution of $35,000 towards the cost of the Statue is sincerely appreciated.

It is with great pleasure and joy as patriotic Indian Americans, that we proudly inform you that a resolution at the behest of the Kerala Samajam of South Florida was passed and adopted on December 7, 2011 by the Town Council of Davie, authorizing a half acre of land from Falcon’s Lea Park for a permanent memorial statue of Mahatma Gandhi. The whole Indian Community of South Florida is joining hands to accomplish this task. We need to raise funds for a 7 ft bronze statue on a 1 ft pedestal with a memorial plaque and development of the Memorial Square. Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Florida will be the 7th of its kind in the USA, joining other cities of Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Houston.